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  • One Bench top cold centrifuge.
  • One Thermocycler (Amersham Biosciences) [48 well]
  • Tissue Culture set up with one Laminar Air Flow Cabinet.
  • Autoclave.
  • Biochemistry laboratory (fully equipped).
  • Vertical and Submarine gel apparatus.
  • Products
    Smart Access To Sequence And Structure Databases (SASSD) :
    Biology today is a highly information rich science, thus necessitating the use of bioinformatics and computational techniques. The foremost challenge is the management of scientific data which is important for the support of life science discovery. As computational models of essential cellular components are gradually produced, biology research would require computer intervention more often. Cross domain access to biological data and information followed by management, organization and integration is needed for the successful conversion to in silico biology. Biologists and other scientific research workers need to be provided with integrated platforms which would shorten the time for query processing as well as provide apt and intelligent answers to the queries.
    SASSD integrates heterogeneous data sources from NCBI (PubMed, Nucleotide, Protein, NLM, MedLine and Structure Databases) and PDB. This interface is general purpose, written in Java, and provides a navigable interface for a variety of special-format bioinformatics repositories. The system has a universal internal data model that allows for the direct representation of relational, electronic data interchange (EDI) formats, including XML-based sources.
    Target Users :
  • Teachers at the Undergraduate and Post graduate Levels for disseminating Bioinformatics Knowledge
  • Students for learning Bioinformatics basics
  • Researchers for Data Mining for specific research problems.
  • Price And Quotation On Request
    The second important tool is REGEXPRESS deals with the analyses and segregation of expression data of the non coding RNAs as well as other genes.

    Users are expected to submit the gds files and the tool returns the user with the relevant data set information. The user can then specify the control and experimental sets and the tool provides the user with graphs depicting the spearman’s correlation data results.
    Price And Quotation On Request
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