The Online Plant Biology Compendium
Plant Sciences, Plant Biology and Botany finds its august presence in every biological science syllabus across the country as well as internationally.

The fundamentals of the subject are based on the principles of plant identification, nomenclature and preservation of the most primitive members such as algae, bryophytes through the semi-advanced members of pteridophytes, pro-gymnosperms, gymnosperms and culminating in the advanced angiosperms.

Out of this fundamental plexus, the subject branches out and a polytomy is achieved where the applied aspects of the discipline gets into their formative stages - cytology, genetics, biochemistry, pharmacognosy and molecular biology to name a few.

Apart from this one of the most important subsection of the subject is the study of ecology of the plant groups, which serves as the gelling agent as the mere existence of a taxa is dependent upon numerous environmental factors.

It is of utmost importance that plant biology teaching practices embrace the jewels that bioinformatics has to offer. The fundamentals of bioinformatics is based on the storage, management, analyses and interpretation of biological information and each realm of botany has representative data resources available on the web which should enable the resource person to share information in a more interactive manner, enabling the students not only to understand the nuances of the subject better but also develop keenness to undertake higher studies in botany.

We are in the process of developing a compendium of available bioinformatics resources with relevance to the various subsections of the subject that is currently taught in colleges and universities across the country both at the undergraduate and post graduate level. This presentation summarizes the ontology and the progress made so far and attempts to list the contributions needed from subject experts which would make this compendium a trusted resource for all botany enthusiasts.
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