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  • One Bench top cold centrifuge.
  • One Thermocycler (Amersham Biosciences) [48 well]
  • Tissue Culture set up with one Laminar Air Flow Cabinet.
  • Autoclave.
  • Biochemistry laboratory (fully equipped).
  • Vertical and Submarine gel apparatus.
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    Office Address
    C/o Arati Roy
    10B Girish Avenue, Kolkata - 700003
    Phone : +91 98362 48396
    Please Use this address for all postal communications
    Research Facility
    AD60 Salt Lake City
    Kolkata - 700064
    Phone : +91 94330 81029
    For General Enquiry :
    To Reach The Director :
    For Academic Collaborations and Queries :
    For Training :
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