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  • One Bench top cold centrifuge.
  • One Thermocycler (Amersham Biosciences) [48 well]
  • Tissue Culture set up with one Laminar Air Flow Cabinet.
  • Autoclave.
  • Biochemistry laboratory (fully equipped).
  • Vertical and Submarine gel apparatus.
  • Why US ?
    "In light of the recent outbreak of Novel Coronavirus (COVID 19) and as per the State Governments Directive, the academic functionality of The Biome Research Facility will be completely closed upto April 15th 2020. Individuals who wish to get in touch can directly call our helpline numbers for assistance"
    With the advent of big data in Biology and medicine it is imperative that Biologists adapt to this changing data scenario. The only way forward for a rewarding career in biological research is through skill development in Computational Biology and Data Analytics. We recognised this requirement when everyone else was sceptical regarding the impact that advances in modern technology would make in the field of Biological research.

    Since the year 2015, The Biome has attempted to make a difference - the organisation has trained over 500 students and professionals in the nuances of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology over the past four years by forging collaborations with leading academic institutes from West Bengal and other International organizations as well. Not only have these training programs empowered students with the knowledge of data analytics but they have also gained insights as to how to approach a real world problem using the technologies available to them.

    The collaborations have helped us to place the students that have been trained by us in research positions, both nationally and internationally where they are currently pursuing their PhDs and Post doctoral curriculum.

    The team of Biome is truly diverse. We have core biologists and computer scientists as well as Bioinformaticians working in unison to deliver the right kind of knowledge and training that is impossible to achieve under one roof.

    Recently students have requested us to incorporate molecular biology and field training modules as well and thus we have incorporated these schedules to our training programs which now offers a six pronged approach towards a career in research.
    1. Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
    2. Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
    3. Modern Field and Ecological Census Techniques
    4. Statistical Analysis of acquired data
    5. Data Representation and Thesis Writing
    6. Soft Skills Training (SOP writing and Facing Online Interviews)
    History and Goals
    The company started off in the year 2008 with content development at the INTRODUCTORY LEVEL - Class 12 (WEST BENGAL and CBSE), Competitive EXAMINATIONS [CBSE- PMT, AIMC, WBJEE, PSC, PSC (TRIPURA), NET and GATE]. All these developments are being done in collaboration with "TIMES EDUCATION GROUP" a leading enterprise in the field of COMPETITIVE EXAMINATION in India. THE BIOME then set up a contact research programme where students from various institutes and Universities get the opportunity to perform their dissertation projects with a taste of both molecular biology and bioinformatics. Our goal was to spread the awareness amongst students and their parents alike so that students can get the impetus to join research oriented careers.
    For a rewarding career advice and counselling sessions from our leading experts drop over at our Research Facility at
    AD60, Salt Lake City, Kolkata - 700064 with an appointment at +919433081029 / +919433149019 or
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