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  • One Bench top cold centrifuge.
  • One Thermocycler (Amersham Biosciences) [48 well]
  • Tissue Culture set up with one Laminar Air Flow Cabinet.
  • Autoclave.
  • Biochemistry laboratory (fully equipped).
  • Vertical and Submarine gel apparatus.
  • Welcome to The Biome
  • The company started off in the year 2008 and has so far concentrated upon content development at the INTRODUCTORY LEVEL – Class 12 (WEST BENGAL and CBSE), Competitive EXAMINATIONS [CBSE– PMT, AIMC, WBJEE, PSC, PSC (TRIPURA), NET and GATE]. All these developments are being done in collaboration with “TIMES EDUCATION GROUP” a leading enterprise in the field of COMPETITIVE EXAMINATION in India.
  • Apart from these endeavours THE BIOME has also set up a contact research programme where students from various institutes and Universities get the opportunity to perform their dissertation projects with a taste of both molecular biology and bioinformatics. So far 5 students (3 from the Masters Diploma Programme of ECIL – ECIT & IISWBM and 2 from M.Sc. Tech Programme of DOEACC – WBUT) have performed their final semester projects.
  • The latest endeavour of ‘THE BIOME’ has been to design Modular Courses in Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics, and keeping in mind the financial conditions of the students, we have kept the course fees to a bare minimum (Please refer to annexure 1). Our goal is to spread the awareness amongst students and their parents alike so that students can get the impetus to join research oriented careers.
  • Research
    The newly developed facility of “The Biome” at Salt Lake City Sector 1 Kolkata has paved a new area of Bioinformatics Research. The main focus areas of research in Bioinformatics…
    Biology today is a highly information rich science, thus necessitating the use of bio-informatics and computational techniques. The foremost challenge…
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